2014-09-09 Dave Lewand

Realm Realty

Realm Realty is a Houston-based owner, manager and developer of top-performing retail shopping centers throughout the United States. Casey Seale, Senior Associate at Realm Realty, called upon Dave Lewand and creGROW to update a corporate website that had become outdated in design, navigation and content management.

“The previous website was no longer a reflection of our current place in the industry,” explained Seale. “We required a ‘look-and-feel’ that could be immediately recognized as professional – one that showcased our current properties and past projects in the best possible light.”

Realm Realty‘s goals as defined in planning phase included:

  • Re-Define the Corporate Brand via advanced graphic design
  • Elevate “Look and Feel” via design/layout that complements an improved brand
  • Enhance User Experience via obvious and fast navigation throughout
  • Introduce Mobile Navigation via Responsive Web Design
  • Simplify Property Updating via robust yet easy-edit administrative dashboard

creGROW answered these goals and more with the following solutions and features:

  • Responsive Web Design – industry-leading mobile interface
  • Advanced Graphic Design
  • WordPress-based Property Content Management System (CMS)
  • Interactive Property Map Display
  • Multiple Editor Capabilities
  • Mobile Edit Capabilities
  • Modern Website Traffic Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • High-Speed, VPS Hosting

“We chose Dave Lewand and his team due to their considerable experience with commercial real estate data. They exceeded our expectations in the development of a property content management system that fit our needs exactly – ahead of schedule and within our budget. We’re particularly pleased with the property-specific display on mobile – while I may be biased, I think it’s the best I’ve seen so far for commercial real estate property!” said Seale.

As example, explore Almeda Crossing Shopping Center or any of Realm Realty’s available properties and past projects on a mobile phone – creGROW hopes that you agree with Casey Seale!

Interested in a simpler, more mobile-friendly and customizable commercial real estate website? Please contact Dave Lewand and creGROW | dave@davelewand.com | 630.901.1075

Realm Realty on iPad

Realm Realty on iPad

Realm Realty on Mobile

Realm Realty on Mobile