2014-07-29 Dave Lewand

Ruscilli Real Estate Services, Inc. (2014-2015)

UPDATE: Ruscilli Real Estate Services is now Lee & Associates – Columbus

Ruscilli Real Estate Services, Inc. is Central Ohio’s premier commercial real estate services provider, offering brokerage, development and property management services. Todd Spencer, Senior Associate at Ruscilli, called upon Dave Lewand and creGROW to re-design, re-develop and host a corporate website re-launch that incorporated a more mobile-friendly solution to showcase its people, properties, services and success stories.

“From our perspective, it was critical that we find a website design and development team that understood commercial real estate,” explained Spencer.  “Dave was able to quickly identify our unique challenges and provide us with a very clear path towards the finish line.”

Ruscilli’s goals as defined in planning phase included:

  • Elevate “Look and Feel” via professional design that complements brand
  • Enhance User Experience via obvious and fast navigation throughout
  • Introduce Mobile Navigation via Responsive Web Design
  • Simplify Property Updating via robust yet easy-edit administrative dashboard

creGROW answered these goals and more with the following solutions and features:

“We count the Ruscilli website re-launch as a big success. Dave and his team also made certain that we understood how to edit each section of the website… I’m happy to report that it’s surprisingly easy!”

Ruscilli Real Estate Services, Inc. looks forward to reaching out to the #CRE community via its social media presence on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Interested in a simpler, more mobile-friendly and customizable commercial real estate website? Please contact Dave Lewand and creGROW | dave@davelewand.com | 630.901.1075

Ruscilli on iPad

Ruscilli on iPad

Ruscilli on Mobile

Ruscilli on Mobile